After Care

At Lash’d we take a lot of time ensuring your eyelash extensions are on point and we want to you to maintain the maximum lashcious life out of them and enjoy your investment. Please follow our recommendations listed below;

During the first 24 hours

  • To allow sufficient time for the bonding of the glue, do not get your eyes wet in the shower or pool within the first 24 hours.
  • It is recommended that you do not use a spa or sauna at all during the time you have eyelash extensions as the heat will reduce the properties of the adhesive.

Ongoing Care

  • Be gentle with your lashes. Avoid pulling and picking your lashes and rubbing your eyes as this can cause premature lash loss.
  • Avoid all oil based facial products including cleanser, moisturiser. Oily products will weaken the bond between your eyelash extension and your natural lash.
  • The use of mascara is not recommended but if necessary, should be limited. Use only water based mascara (not waterproof) along with water based eye make-up remover and cleanser. We reccommend BL Noir Mascara  which is widely recognised as the Best Mascara for Eyelash Extensions!! Available in Salon and Online for Purchase. 
  • Using non-fibrous cleansing tips will ensure the thorough cleaning of your lashes right from root to tip (ask your stylist for some to take with you).
  • Brush your Lashes using the lash wand provided to you at your treatment, brush your lashes daily to set them into place and look perfect every day.

  Our Lash’d Tip for Cleaning and Removal of Mascara

If using mascara, ensure you clean and remove all traces of the mascara from your lashes to avoid build up at the adhered tips. This will cause the fine lashes (used in Hybrid and Volume eyelash extensions) to stick together. The more build-up of mascara you accrue, the more your fine lashes will stick.